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The night sky by RainbowLeos The night sky :iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 2 5 White board Canada by RainbowLeos White board Canada :iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 5 16
One Wish
The screams and shouts of her parents echoed into her small bedroom. Anna curled up with her sketchpad in her lap and a pen in her hands. Her father went out drinking earlier and had come home drunk, she was use to this however it wasn't anything new. Anna just listened to the shouts of her parents, unable to drown them out with anything. She looked up at the night sky, her green eyes that had long lost their sparkle, picking out one of the brightest stars in the sky in only an instant. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh wishing with all her heart for an escape, a way out.
Moments later the girl opened her eyes, nothing had changed. She was still in her small bedroom, and her parent’s shouts were still loud enough for her to hear. She began to feel ashamed that she even believed that wishing on a star would get her out of this. She looked back at her sketchpad only to see what she had been drawing had changed. Her brow furrowed as she looked at it. The dra
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 1 3
Russia: Please Come Back
Silence rang across the house, lights shut off there was no need to have them on. All around the floor were vodka bottles that had been thrown around, all leading to a small corner in the living area. Ivan sat curled up as much as he possibly could, broken glass, water, and slowly wilting sunflowers lay in front of him. He held a bottle of vodka in his hand, almost empty. He couldn't remember how much he had had, he only remember one thing. One thing only. She had left him.
Not long ago Ivan had returned home from visiting his older sister, his younger sister had stayed home. Not long ago Ivan and his younger sister, Natalia, had started dating, after Natalia practically forced him into it. Ivan saw it as a way to keep the loneliness away, and at the same time make his sister happy. They had been together the better part of almost 7 years. Sure Ivan knew she wanted more than just to date, sure he knew she begged and prayed every day that he would marry her, and of course he knew that h
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 2 35
Swedish Fish by RainbowLeos Swedish Fish :iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 13 85
EnglandXReader Falling For Him Chapter 2
"What the bloody hell am I supposed to do!" England shouted as his head lay on the bar table, a drink in his hand. "I'm not sure dude; your story sounds a little impossible." America said from his place next to him. "I know it sounds bloody impossible but it's true! It has to be her, it has to be!" England said as he sat up and stared into his cup. "I remember the way her eyes use to sparkle whenever she smiled." He murmured. "The way she would smile for me was wonderful; I use to wish I could see her smile one last time." He spoke softly as tears began to form in his eyes. "Why did she have to leave me?" He whispered as he started to sob. America patted his back, "dude you've gotta calm down!" He told him and thought for a quick second. "If she is who you think she is then you just have to make her fall in love with you again and remember!" America told him, making it seem like the simplest solution. England stopped sobbing and looked at America. "T-that's brilliant! I'll make her lov
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 7 86
Mature content
Dark!EnglandXReaderX2P!England WARNING LEMON :iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 40 26
This is awesome
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Hetalia.
Stranger: Hola!
You: Pryvet! ^J^
Stranger: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Stranger: Go away!
You: Nyet
You: Become one with Russia, da! ^J^
Stranger: Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
You: Everyone will become one!
Stranger: Not me!!
You: Da, you will become one with Russia.
Stranger: No I won't!
Stranger: Wahhhhhhhhhhh! Get away from me!!!!!!!
You: Nyet! Become one with me now, da!
Stranger: Never!
You: Da! You will!
You: Would you become one for bottle of vodka?
Stranger: I won't! And if you say I will, I will call Belarus.
You: ........... two bottles of vodka?
Stranger: No. Belarus.
You: Nyet! Not my Little Sister! Nyet! Don't! Leave her out of this!
You: She is so scary....
Stranger: No. I think I'll bring her in this. And yes. She is very scary, but then again, so are you.
You: But she is worse! >J
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 3 61
Mature content
RussiaXMale!Reader :iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 120 69
Mature content
Insane!Dark!RussiaXReader Russian Ski Slopes :iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 85 81
EnglandXReader Falling For Him Chapter 1
The sun slowly set as the people began to disperse. The orange and
purple hues began to take over the sky, signaling night's fast arrivals.
Today had been a hard and unforgettable day that would be remembered.
"England?" The green-eyed man tore his gaze from the newly placed grave,
he looked at the long haired and blue eyed Frenchman. "What?" He asked
him in a cracked voice, fresh tears still in his eyes. "Its time to go,
Mon Amour." He said with sympathy in his eyes. "Y-yeah. W-we can't stay
here f-forever." A broken apart bunny said, she didn't have the strength
to fly from all her crying so she had to sit on England's shoulders.
England looked one last time at the grave, he felt his heart shatter
more than it already was. "Fine." He said as he let his head drop, and
closed his eyes. France than led him away from the grave and out of the
cemetery. England felt the tears he fought so hard to keep down rise,
escaping little by little.
Later that night, as England tried to go to sleep w
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 29 42
Forget Me Not {Black Butler FanFic} Chapter 3
After living in the Phantomhive manor for a little more than a week now, Lilith had decided to help around the manor. Mostly she helped out Mey-Rin, but she also went out into the garden with Finny and cooked with Bardroy, although he blew up the kitchen and burnt the food most of the time.
Today she decided to help Bardroy in the kitchen. He was making dinner when Mey-Rin walked by the door to the hallway. Lilith noticed Bard when he saw her, a faint smile appeared in his lips but he suddenly shook his head angrily and held the trigger on the blow torch he was using too tightly. Lilith quickly ducked down as the explosion went off, she started coughing and crawled toward the entrance to the hall. She didn't want to breath in too much smoke. For some reason she always felt like this had happened to her once before and the she was reliving something tragic.
Lilith heard the foot steps and knew Sebastian was not far away. "Why must you always blow up the kitchen?" You looked up at Sebast
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 4 7
Insane!Stalker!ReaderXAmerica: Forever
The rain pounded down on the roof, and the dark sky showed no sign of daylight breaking through anytime soon. You smiled and sipped on your tea before standing. Today was you and your birthday, your first anniversary. You giggled as you thought of what you would do together. With a sigh you stared up at the ceiling, and smiled as you remembered your lover. His name was Alfred. Alfred F. Jones. You met him one day while at a cafe. You could remember it like yesterday. You had spilled your coffee all over the floor and before you knew it Alfred was there helping you clean it up. He was amazing, cute, and hilarious. You swore that it was love at first sight. After that you had visited him countless times, his home was beautiful. It was a large mansion like place and so much better than anything you had ever lived it. After a while you began to learn all of his favorite things, and like the good and kind girlfriend you were you would buy them and leave them on his door step as little surpr
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 33 26
RussiaXReaderXEngland Love Will Set You Free

So graceful and pure, a smile bathed in light
No matter the distance, a miracle of sight
Though I should have known, I could not turn away
When faced with your beauty no reason can stay
As you kiss him in the moonlight
With heavy words I say
The tall blonde man watched as the two of you walked hand in hand. The Englishman casually glancing over at you from time to time with a smile of happiness on his face, while your smile beamed with pure joy and your eyes radiated nothing but love.The nation hung his head and cringed as the he saw your lips meet his. He remembered the days when you'd look at him with those eyes and you would kiss him like that. With a sigh the Russian had to come to terms with what he knew was true. You never looked at
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 19 54
School Work Poems
((Before you begin reading I would like to explain. This is an in-character written poem. I couldn't think of anything for myself so I decided to do what I do best and write it through a character. This character is America from Hetalia: Axis Power, it is him writing the poem saying goodbye to England, another character from Hetalia Axis Power.))
"More than the stars on my flag,
I prize you, my friend.
Yet More than small pox and plagues,
I despise you, my enemy.
You took me in and clothed me,
You taught me and adored me.
Yet you used me and took me for garnet,
You tried to chain me down and take my freedom,
So I have to,
So I must,
Fight for it.
Even if I may not win,
Even if I may fail in every attempt,
I have to take back what is mine.
Take my money,
Burn my towns,
But take away my freedom,
I'll fight for it like a hero should."
((Then this one is for Doctor Who from the Doctor's point of view. At the break between the seasons Amy and Rory were taken by the Weeping Angels and the Do
:iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 1 5
Sunflower sun? by RainbowLeos Sunflower sun? :iconrainbowleos:RainbowLeos 0 21



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I haven't been on in so long... I don't know why I haven't been on, honestly.
I've been busy with school and everything and pretty much just everything. 
I'm still in the Hetalia fandom, I passed 11th grade and will be a senior. I'm considering writing a fanfiction pretty soon
Anyway I released that I have gotten more pageviews and everything then when I was active which I find amusing XD
I'm not gonna be on a lot, I can tell you that but eh. I'm considering going through my deviations and deleting things as well...


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United States
Well Hello everyone! My name is Michaela (Mikayla) although I practically answer to anything! ^^

I love to write and draw, although I never post my drawings on DA because they personally disappoint me….. but anyways I really love to be creative and stuff!
I cosplay…. Attempt to at the very least. I have a Russia cosplay and I’m planning on getting an America wig, although I need a Russia wig as well…… but besides that I’m at least attempting to do things. :meow:

I am 15, my birthday is the 12th of August I love cats and colour. I love the show Hetalia, its one of my most favorite things ever! I also love video games. If you have a PS3 and want to play a game sometime (I have Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and Portal 2) add me. My username is Shake0408

I also have a rp account which is…
Add me I love to rp!
I also have a tumblr
And Youtube…
Along with Google+ Where my name is just Rainbow Leos

I also ship basically EVERY PAIRING in hetalia no matter if its Yaoi, Hetero, or Yuri
I ship it all like FedEx

My favorite pairings!!!

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